Popular for many things, including its interior styles, RAPIDO has completely redesigned its interiors this year. As for the motorhome styles, the CASTELLO style in campervans has now been replaced by the new BELLAGIO furniture, while ELEGANCE bows out to make way for NACARAT furniture! Take a closer look at these two new interiors!

BELLAGIO: The charm of contemporary, contrasting looks

The BELLAGIO style now features a matte finish on its overhead cupboard doors. The vertical wood grain is replaced by a more modern horizontal wood grain and a new door edging strip and chrome trim complete the style. A new dark laminate surface features on the kitchen worktop and living room table, while indirect backlighting adds warmth to this new style.

NACARAT: The comfort of a modern, welcoming style

NACARAT furniture offers a brand new style with its new wood colour. By embracing a horizontal wood grain, it cleverly combines warmth with a modern feel. This is particularly due to the new overhead cupboard doors with their glossy white finish, the new door edging strip and the chrome trim. Here too, the indirect backlighting creates a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.

New bathrooms

The patented MODUL’SPACE® system is well known in the V55 and is now available in the new V65 XL, with an improved curved shower tray. This provides greater ease of movement at foot- and shoulder-height while showering.

In the V68, the bathroom has been completely overhauled and now features a new DUO’SPACE bathroom with a partition that swivels to create a toilet fully separated from the shower area or a shower with all the space you could need for your feet and shoulders. And the clever teak-style shower duckboard helps keep your feet dry!

The V68 DUO’SPACE bathroom also features a round white basin, storage alcoves to hold your toiletries, a shower column with Plexiglass cladding and showerhead, a towel rail and a cup holder with cup. Quite simply, it has everything you need for relaxing and pampering yourself in comfort!

New base vehicle features

In the new 2021 Collection, the four RAPIDO campervan models boast a glossy black grille that, until now, had been reserved for models with SKYVIEW and metallic paint. Two new bodywork colours have also been added to the range of options available in the catalogue: IRON GREY and CAMPOVOLO GREY.

In the cab, the RAPIDO VAN PACK includes a new DAB KENWOOD® multimedia system with 6.2” screen, while a DAB KENWOOD® multimedia system with 7” screen and Apple Carplay/Google Android Auto is available as an option.

In addition to the 6.2” multimedia system, the RAPIDO VAN PACK now features a reversing camera with night vision, side screen door and second remote keyless entry control (RKE).

The V62, V65 XL and V68 models are now available in 4.250 T GVW with a 90-litre diesel tank.



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