2022 will definitely be a season remembered for the Rapido brand’s anniversary. To celebrate 60 years of operation, Rapido is unveiling a special anniversary series: 60 EDITION.


The Rapido Group story started in 1948 when Constant Rousseau, a cabinetmaker by trade, decided to found his company in Châtillon-sur-Colmont in France. He set up his first workshop in a room of a private house. At the time, Constant Rousseau specialised in carving furniture.  The company grew to employ 15 people as the focus shifted to carpentry.

In 1958, Constant Rousseau made the first folding caravan for his family to use. This creation proved decisive in shifting the company’s focus. During the 1960s, he perfected his invention which went on to win several awards (including first prize in the Lépine competition). Returning from his summer holiday in Italy in 1961, he had an epiphany: inspired by how easy and rapid the caravan was to set up, he decided on the name ‘Rapido’. 60 years later, Rapido’s family-focused philosophy remains the same.


No fewer than six models proudly bear the 60 EDITION branding in this special anniversary series. Customers can choose between low-profile (666F and 696F) and A-Class (8066dF, 8096dF, i66 and i96) models skilfully distributed among our three ranges and featuring two different layouts.

Brand new and unique

The 60 EDITION special anniversary series introduces brand new fittings designed for greater onboard comfort. This includes the inbuilt vacuum cleaner so you can easily keep your motorhome clean and ready to go. Discreetly tucked away under the refrigerator, it takes up no additional space. The vacuum is simple to use. Just press the button with your toes. After sweeping your motorhome, the inlet on the front is great for daily use to vacuum up the dust gathered by the broom. The vacuum also comes with many accessories so you can clean your Rapido 60 EDITION from top to bottom, including a long flexible hose for vacuuming your storage area. And just like a home vacuum, this one comes with a vacuum bag.

Nothing has been forgotten when designing the 60 EDITION model’s style, with brand new exterior décor to match the new model name branding, a ‘60 years’ logo at the entrance to the living area door and 16” light alloy Fiat rims.

And many more onboard comforts complete this vehicle’s features.


  • Exclusive 60 EDITION exterior decor
  • New matte black model branding
  • 16” light alloy FIAT rims
  • TRUMA Combi 6 EH (gas and electricity) heating with CP PLUS control panel (except i66)
  • iNet: remotely control your heating system
  • Heating distributed via the living room table leg (80dF and DISTINCTION/except telescopic leg)
  • Heated waste water tank
  • Inbuilt vacuum
  • New control panel (digital panel with large screen for DISTINCTION)


Models in the special anniversary series have received special treatment and feature exclusive 60 EDITION upholstery. This high-end upholstery elegantly blends TEP* yokes with contrasting piping around the seat and backs. The matching stitching creates a beautiful effect. The leaf pattern on the seat back padding completes this brand new style. Lastly, three cushions in on-trend colours and materials add a modern touch to your interior to create a ‘home-like’ living room.


We have taken great care to balance the living space and the cab area. To achieve this, the cab bed bottom now has a brand new finish. Its locking mechanism is practical and discreet, with a simple handle. The overhead cupboard shape has been redesigned to perfectly blend with and continue on from the cab bed, revealing a modern and dynamic look.


  • 60 EDITION TEP* upholstery
  • 60 EDITION living room cushions
  • 60 EDITION embroidered cab headrest covers
  • Living room and bedroom indirect lighting dimmer
  • Bedroom and living room skylights with backlit TEP* finish
  • Fabric finish on cab bed bottom and inbuilt spotlights with ‘Coming Home’ mode (80dF and DISTINCTION)
  • Cab bed style incorporated with the furniture range (80dF and DISTINCTION)
  • Matte black overhead cupboard side panel and rack bottom (NACARAT 80dF)
  • 60 EDITION embroidery on living area doormat


The bathroom design in special anniversary series models is packed with new features. The new look is obvious from the first glance. The colour combinations create a wonderful effect, blending traditional materials such as wood with more innovative ones such as the aluminium-style finish. The new shower/toilet room storage unit perfectly embodies Rapido’s philosophy: combining style and practicality. This new unit features two stylish mirror doors with a frosted logo, yet remains practical thanks to its generous storage capacity. 

*TEP: Polyamide-coated fabric.


  • Shower/toilet room storage unit with two mirror doors and frosted Rapido logo
  • Matte shower/toilet room unit door with push-lock system
  • Laminate basin countertop with aluminium-style finish
  • Magnetic shower door latches with matte black edge
  • Shower column with backlit aluminium-style finish
  • Black shower tray
  • Teak-style shower duckboard
  • Shower/toilet room with boat deck-type wall covering


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