ITINEO has many new developments for the 2022 Collection, the biggest of which is undoubtedly the launch of the NOMAD range. ITINEO has unveiled a range of three brand new compact A-class models.


ITINEO’s NOMAD range was launched with three models, featuring the incontrovertible central bed and twin beds, as well as a layout with bunk beds specially designed for families. In terms of the bodywork, the NOMAD range brings back the new exterior look for A-class models which was introduced for the 2022 Collection. In terms of dimensions, these three models measure 6.61 metres in length with an exterior width of just 2.19 metres. All three models are built on Peugeot Boxer chassis with a 2.2 litre BlueHDi 140 hp engine as standard. You can also opt for a Fiat Ducato chassis with an automatic transmission.




The CM660 features a 140 x 190 cm central bed at the rear. For those looking for a bigger bed, ITINEO has developed an 8 cm headboard bed extension (option). Wall-mounted wardrobes are installed on either side of the bed. As for the bed at the front, it measures 140 x 188 cm. A rigid partition serves as day/night divider. The CM660’s kitchen is located on the right side and features a 136 litre refrigerator. The DUO’SPACE bathroom faces the kitchen. A privacy curtain can be used to expand the bathroom to your liking. The CM660 has a large storage space, up to 108 cm high, which sits under the height-adjustable bed base.


The CJ660 enjoys a large living room with an L-shaped bench seat. The foam on the sideways bench seat can be removed to transform it into a forward-facing seat. The CJ660 features sleeps four: two in the cab bed at the front and two in the twin beds at the rear. The twin beds measure 80 x 210/190 cm and 80 x 200 cm. It should be noted that there is an option to expand the twin beds into a king-size bed (150 x 202 cm). The CJ660 is fitted with storage and, at the rear, a wardrobe by the foot of the beds, shelving and a central unit over the twin beds, plus overhead cupboards at the foot of the twin beds. The DUO’SPACE bathroom’s privacy curtain can be used to optimise the space. The storage area is 117 cm high (or 113 cm with the king-size bed option). The storage hatches have large openings (100 x 75 cm on the right and 100 x 50 cm on the left).


The layout of the CS660 was designed with families in mind. Kids have their own special space at the rear. The children’s bedroom has two bunk beds (70 x 202 cm). The rear dinette can also be used to expand the lower bed into a two-person bed (130 x 202 cm). The lower bed can also be raised to create a large storage space. In terms of storage units, the bedroom has a full-height wardrobe. The spaces at the front and rear are separated by a rigid partition.

For its bathroom, the CS660 features a DUO’SPACE swivelling partition. The vehicle is also fitted with a privacy curtain which can be used to temporarily expand the bathroom.

As an option, this family model is available with five registered (driving) seats, depending on the engine. In addition, the CS660 boasts the biggest living room in the NOMAD range, designed to easily fit five people around the table.

Depending on the chosen configuration for the lower bunk bed, the interior height of the storage space can vary between 48 and 122 cm. That space can be accessed via a 100 x 50 cm hatch on the right.


Although the models in the NOMAD range feature exterior bodywork which is similar to the TRAVELLER A-class models, the interior style is completely new.

URBAN furniture

Upon stepping through the door to the living area, the brand new style of ITINEO’s compact vehicles is immediately apparent. The “URBAN” furniture is intentionally modern and full of charming contrasts. It combines splashes of light wood, creating a warm ambiance, with the contemporary look of charcoal grey surfaces. The modern lines are accentuated by the curved contours of the overhead cupboards in the living room. The backlighting at various points puts the finishing touches on this modern look. The storage racks have their own special lighting, making it easy to find just what you’re looking for.



New, ultra-comfortable upholstery

This new interior style is accompanied by a new upholstery design, with improved lines. Its PEPPER upholstery (a standard feature) comes in new, wavy lines. Colourful top-stitching completes the new look. In addition, two brand new upholstery styles have made their debut with the NOMAD range:

-          MAGNETIC (option): Dark TEP* with a latticework design and mustard trim

-          MACADAMIA (option): Light TEP* with a latticework design and contrasting trim.

New finish under cab bed

To complete the picture, the three NOMAD models feature a new finish under the cab bed. The underside of the cab bed perfectly matches the interior style, in a mix of light surfaces with side finishes made of dark-coloured TEP*. The backlighting around the finishes helps to create a warm atmosphere.

* TEP: Polyamide-coated fabric



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